UI/UX Design for app (IOS and Android) for Design Thinking course project

The goal is to provide a unique grocery shopping app experience, where the user can choose products, check nutrition facts, compare prices between stores, pay online and get free delivery. The target audience is tech-savvy, busy people, stay home moms, senior citizens and corporations. This project was an assignment for my Design Thinking course at Stanford University (2017).

We started with a discussion of our assumptions and challenging what we believed we knew about grocery shopping and its users. Each of us then set about learning all we could on different grocery shopping needs, gathering information on Palo Alto neighborhoods and identifying types of people we could learn from, which we then used to craft an interview guide. I scheduled a few days in Palo Alto, to meet and talk with local residents, business people, senior citizens, stay home moms and regular people. I created personas to produce scenarios before continuing with the app design. These deliverables help to keep the focus on the user during the design process.

My solution was a fun, effective and efficient grocery shopping experience for the user, pain free and with more savings. I created low-fidelity wireframes. This was a quick and effective way of mapping out the app navigation and the new website's structure.

The final step of our design challenge was to produce a functional prototype which would allow us both to demonstrate the service, and get some user feedback. Together we conceptualized a mobile app that would make the service accessible to users, considered what content would be relevant and useful, and worked on the information architecture.